• Amanda Gómez

Latinx-Owned Businesses: Background


I am a mixed Latina who this year will be entering my first year of college. In this transitional period, I hope to make changes that will benefit myself and the communities I identify within. Supporting your community is not a radical idea. This project aims to shed light on pre-existing Latinx-owned businesses and expose the areas in which we need more Latinxs willing to enter the fields. Each week, I’ll be explaining my needs and reviewing the Latinx-created products.


100% Latinx-owned and operated

Products from Latin American sellers

Exceptions only for books/movies/concerts with Latinxs at the forefront/ making the majority of profits.

Food/doctors/etc are included

Exceptions can only be made on an emergency basis i.e. hospital

Gifts from others can be “non-Latinx”

I can utilize specialized gift cards, but not VISA/Amazon

Amazon gift cards must be used on Latinx brands



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